Friday, March 30, 2007

There was Poop on the Rug

I am having a crazy love hate relationship with my diaper free life style. Grady isn't sure if he hates the toilet all together or not. Every morning he is fine with using the "toilet", but to be honest he is peeing into the shower and it runs down my leg as he sits on my lap. So it's a yea and a nay. It certainly feels better for him, he relaxes afterwards. It's all those other pees and poos throughout the day that I seem to miss so often. The logic behind pursing this Elimination Communication is very solid.(Check out the book below)

What I find most challenging is getting over what other people will think of me scrubbing poop out of my rug. I've been up to my elbows in poop many times, I could really care less. Heck - I know it all came from me in the beginning anyway
Some days are good, some are bad. I think the reward is knowing that Grady really is starting to get it - he is just very determined to either be in constant motion or sound asleep, which makes it pretty hard to get him to sit on the pot even when I "know" he needs to.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baby Food

Check out your reaction to this photo. Are you shocked? Offended? I'm nursing my son, and think it is pretty wonderful. Some people still confuse this scene with porn and would label me obscene. What do you think and why?

I saw something wonderful in Boarders book store yesterday. Another mother was sitting cross legged on the floor of the childrens book section nursing her third child, a six month old daughter. I was so proud of her. I wanted to say so... but I also wanted to act as though what she was doing was perfectly normal so I said nothing to her about nursing. Her curious daughter looked up as I walked by. I hope she realized as I said hello and pointed to Grady and Mark that I was not blushing. I was glad to know I wasn't blushing. I know I used to be a little confused about it myself. Now I understand it's just baby food and mother love.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Change is Inevitable

I have the bad habit of sitting on the couch. I watch too much TV and I let a lot of time pass by. I don't get much done. A to-do list on my fridge gets ignored and I try to get comfortable with the pangs of procrastination. I pretend they are not there and I have an extra cookie.
Admit it, we all do it. I am learning however that I can not hold time still. Try as I might the things I need to do must still get done. I suppose I put it off because I know more to-dos will come along. Despite the illusion I live, all these things are piling up.
I could get philosophical and reflect on "what I really need" which is always nothing. Then have another cookie. The problem with that is that my son keeps changing. Just a few weeks ago he was learning to roll over. Shortly after that he was "crawling" and now "the little engine that could" is trying to stand and walk.
I can not stop this progression. There simply are not enough cookies or TV channels. Even Girl Scout Cookies are powerless.
Of course I want to see my son grow and change and become one day a handsom man who takes his mother to dinner. Along with those dreams for him comes the inevitable reminder that time stands still for no one.

My waist line may actually be changing too. The lawn will start to grow soon and all the procrastination in the world will not keep my son from learning how to turn over the dogs, water bowl.
I just wish he was still 'still' and cuddley a little longer.