Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Top Tooth

Problems blogging, but hey. Letting you all know that Grady just lost one of his top front teeth.  His fifth tooth lost.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Best, top to bottom, once a year, Pecan Pie

For Loraine, with love,

Crust recipe
(Flaky pie crust recipe from the news paper, with a secret ingredient add in)
Makes 2 crusts, 1 double or 2 single

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1tsp salt
1cup butter, cold, cut
1/4 shortening (I use coconut oil, cold)
1 tbsp rum!
1/3 ice cold water.

Toss salt and flour, smear butter and shortening in. DO NOT mix. Break down the chunks. When pressed in sprinkle in the rum. Drizzle in ice water. It will NOT be cohesive. Pour onto counter top. Smear a bit more, minimally. Gather up and smear out again. As shaggy dough gather up and make two disks wrap in wax and refrigerate for 30 minutes. When ready, rol from the center out, do not overwork. Fold in half and half again to for loose triangle to transfer in to your pie pan. Chill or use as directed by any recipe.

Pecan pie filling.
Old fashioned pecan pie, the very best.

1cup maple syrup
1 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup heavy cream
1tbsp molasses
4 tbsp butter, cubed
1/2 salt
6 large egg yolks, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups pecans lightly toasted
1 unbaked pie shell, chilled

Adjust oven rack to lowest position and heat oven to 450
Heat syrup, sugar, cream and molasses in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar dissolves, about 3 minutes.
Remover from heat and cool 5minutes
Whisk in butter and salt
Whisk in eggs yolks.
Scatter pecans in pie shell, carefully pour the filling, put into hot oven,
Immediately reduce oven to 325, bake until filling set and center jiggle slightly 45 to 60 minutes
Cool for 1 hour then refrigerate for 3 hours. Serve at room temperature.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

My Onion.

Some things go unsaid for decades. Some times they stay that way a little longer. Here is what I'm ready to say:

My most recent "look at me now" picture.
     I have continued to loose some weight and my husband and I continue our 5:2 feed fast lifestyle.  In the beginning of August we will round the 1 year mark. I continue to learn a lot about hunger and craving and self control.  There is no better method to understanding for me than this route.  A dedicated effort to withstand 24 hours of hunger followed by two or three days to reflect on the hunger, craving, food quality experiences is expanding. I can not overstate this enough, I had forgotten portion and self control during my six years as a lactating mother.

     Though there is nothing at all I regret about that path, including the weight gain, I have needed to find a new direction in life. The calories I ate had no where to go anymore and post surgery I was still comfort eating my way through some of my emotional distresses. I have learned how often I ate in distress, and it was a lot.  Now I find myself thinking about how I used to eat somethings outside of mealtimes and fantasizing about eating when distressed, but I also know I will be o.k. if I don't eat in those moments, I know I can handle my feelings.  I won't drown in them and I can't cover them with food forever.

      I have also realized a deep root to a significant amount of my emotional pain.  Now that I am addressing my memories, a suddenly acute and long delayed case of PTSD is beginning to subside. With counseling and will power, I know I'll be fine. I think in a way learning to fast two days a week taught me that I had control, and inner strength. Maybe it is a strange route to self discovery but it is a way.

     Two years ago I asked the universe at large to help me conquer my demons... not even knowing what they all were. In layers the infinite onion that we are has been peeling back.  Lessons come as the previous ones have prepared me for the next phase. Kind of like ripping off a band-aid reveals a scab, and under the scab you find a scar.  That is me these last two years.

I tested for Yellow Stripe in TKD recently.
      I noticed my pallor and weight gain.  Perhaps it was and the confused, shocked looks from some at my 20 year high school reunion that helped me to realize just how toxic I had become. Certainly early last summer I wondered if my death would come prematurely. Then I thought of my kids, not just myself.  I love my kids so much, I decided I needed to learn to love myself better, for their sake and mine.

Don't be afraid to start the journey. Way down inside an onion is a fresh green core and potential.  With a little soil and care, it can sprout all over again. My husband say he sees a glow in my face that had gone missing.  I notice it too.  Truth is painful, but it doesn't kill anyone. Waiting too long kills you, even when you are still alive.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Getting Healthy Part Two.

Myself back in August at my children's Birthday Party
 A change can be seen a bit easier, though it is subtle, between the bottom three photos.  I never have really stepped on a scale during this process.

The photo of me in the green shirt was my before photo that I subsequently could not find for my original Getting Healthy post.

Sometime near August when I started to try and get healthy.
November 11th  or so

Feb 17, 2014

I've been doing a lot of baking this winter so there hasn't been a whole lot of headway.  See photo on the right.  I might actually be getting more headway with my legs and my arms a bit with light exercises.
 I am hopeful that as summer comes the baking will subside, but of course I have to be in charge of that..In the mean time my belly haunts me a bit.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

CNN Riding the Fool Train

When A women is photographed breastfeeding, and if she is famous and cool with that, if she isn't famous and posted it herself, and she is cool with that... it is not a debate. It is a statement. A pretty clear statement. Not a debate. There is no need to debate anything. It is one persons statement, end of discussion. Why do all these "mom" moments and the "debate" that ensues continually picked up by CNN. Women breastfeed all the freaking time without taking a picture... No debate there either... just living.

It isn'talways photographed, but it happens everyday all the time.  If a mom can breastfeed while she works, more power to the rest of us. When women let themselves be put out there is these ways they unfortunately expect all the media overreaction.  But where is the shaming a judgement when hollywood spends decated comidically depicting birth as out of control, emergent and heavily assisted... 

Oh that's right women should be seen (the way other people want us to be seen) and not heard (at least not by our own choosing) except through publicly approved filters.  So who is this "public" of filters?  Who drank the Kool-Aid?  Land of the Free?  Really?


Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Healthy

Sometime over the early Summer I began to feel not just over weight but very unhealthy.   My stress level was very high, my hormones and moods were totally out of whack and I was very unhappy.  Emotional eating has always been a way to cope and through the year I'd always managed to manage it, some how.  But that all seemed to have changed.  I had to confess that loosing all the extra breast was a great step forward, a huge step forward but that wasn't going to fix my health.  (The first Picture is me in June and the second is me in April.)

Ever since the surgery I have experienced a lot of health problems I just didn't have before, or at least not all at once. I caught pneumonia, and digestive problems, ear aches, massive throat infections, reactions to the stitches, UTI, low energy and I was always cold. I constantly wore a sweater for about 8 months. My most recent health issue has been a massive Sty which spread to the tissues surrounding the eye and required being lanced by an ophthalmologist.
I started to get scared.  So In an effort to have a hobby together, and in a effort to live a more disease free lifestyle... to live healthier longer Mark and I embarked on a 5:2 fast lifestyle change.  We eat "whatever we want" five days a week and only 500 calories on two days of the week.
 We have discovered our food cravings, our will power and our weaknesses.  We both have learned to appreciate the caloric values of many foods.  I have personally increase some of my yoga exercises too.  I believe I am on my way to better health, I can feel it.  I weighed myself early on and was so discouraged to have only lost 3-4 pounds that I have decided to not use a scale.  I have lost 4 pants sizes and I can do 15 push-ups.  Things are looking up. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fox News

My response to a huge debate opened up by a friend voicing his frustration with the lack of quality news from FOX NEWS.  I know my opinion will hurt a few feelings. I'm just sharing my observations and opinions.

This education issue is big to me, Here in SC, a lot A LOT of people teach creation. If you are brainwashed by your church and family to disregard the huge body of knowledge that is science you will be forever ignorant to so many things. I see it all around me here. But If I posted this I wouldn't be just offending "friends" I have family that think this way. It drives me crazy. Evolution in education is key... because otherwise we are teaching that ignoring our body of knowledge, what ever it may be, is ok. As adults these same brainwashed kids will ignore climate change and poverty and elitism ... and they will grow up thinking that narrow opinion is fact... because someone in authority said so... ie a news media outlet like FOX. I rest my case. Cause and effect.


I totally understand peoples anger over the closings of parks and landmarks. But look at it this way, the country is being reminded that the wild areas and monuments wouldn't be here for you to enjoy if there was no Park Service, no Department of Forestry. What if we hadn't preserved all this land in the first place. Just try to remember that when someone starts soap boxing about money wasted of National Parks budgets. These places are managed by a lot of under appreciated individuals, Federal employees at the bottom of the federal pay scale. They are furloughed too.

(first written on my facebook feed October 6th)