Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Healthy

Sometime over the early Summer I began to feel not just over weight but very unhealthy.   My stress level was very high, my hormones and moods were totally out of whack and I was very unhappy.  Emotional eating has always been a way to cope and through the year I'd always managed to manage it, some how.  But that all seemed to have changed.  I had to confess that loosing all the extra breast was a great step forward, a huge step forward but that wasn't going to fix my health.  (The first Picture is me in June and the second is me in April.)

Ever since the surgery I have experienced a lot of health problems I just didn't have before, or at least not all at once. I caught pneumonia, and digestive problems, ear aches, massive throat infections, reactions to the stitches, UTI, low energy and I was always cold. I constantly wore a sweater for about 8 months. My most recent health issue has been a massive Sty which spread to the tissues surrounding the eye and required being lanced by an ophthalmologist.
I started to get scared.  So In an effort to have a hobby together, and in a effort to live a more disease free lifestyle... to live healthier longer Mark and I embarked on a 5:2 fast lifestyle change.  We eat "whatever we want" five days a week and only 500 calories on two days of the week.
 We have discovered our food cravings, our will power and our weaknesses.  We both have learned to appreciate the caloric values of many foods.  I have personally increase some of my yoga exercises too.  I believe I am on my way to better health, I can feel it.  I weighed myself early on and was so discouraged to have only lost 3-4 pounds that I have decided to not use a scale.  I have lost 4 pants sizes and I can do 15 push-ups.  Things are looking up.