Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Time Had Come: Six Pounds

I have had a bilateral breast reduction.
One week After

One week after

With a 37 inch rib cage I was a Double J, but I am not sure what size I am now.  I had 2500 grams of healthy tissue removed.  My back ache has vanished - I had not realized the daily pain I had grown very used to.  My over all weight had nothing to do with the "problem" as my tissues were less fatty than average and quite dense.
Bra-less Before
My friends for a week,  two surgical drains

The T intersection of stitches.
 They continue back all the way underneath both arms.
Maybe two days After with compression
 surgical Bra and  drains

Friday, March 23, 2012


Weary is a good word to describe me right now. Self induced weariness. I've been indulging in a series of Novels, the twilight series. Last night I read until 2:30 in the morning... then my body ached and I could not sleep until 3:30 or so.

This has been a long week of reading, but something I have mostly enjoyed. One more book to go. I have tried to for some character opinions, and I think I might just blog about that next. Better late then never, I missed most of the hype by years. I guess that is what a free copy of a book will do to you.

I have been trying to juggle a lot of big projects and I think it has been wearing me down. Of all things a kinda wish I was in Maryland so that I could finish what I started trying to help my mother with her house troubles. It amazes me just how much there can be to get done.

Moving around financial accounts and following up on tax issues, making good on promises and keeping homeschooling commitments, bills and potty training also have taken there toll. But gosh darn it I'm going to squeeze in my reading. A page turner, no matter how gimmicky or cheap is still a page turner.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Here is the blanket I made for Grady. It was about two and a quarter years in the making. There I was Pregnant with Cora, trying to get in touch with my inner creative self, trying to get in touch with creation. Grady asked me to make him one too, and I figure since the rejection would hit him too hard I started a blanket with a pattern for him. Eventually, since it didn't look like the instruction pages said it would I committed to my own crochet rhythm and and this is what we ended up with, and I love it, it is warm and it is appreciated by the boy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Would Love to See Healthy Breastfeeding supported on Sesame Street again.