Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Not Stretching Here

Really really, the more ya look at the portrait in the previous post the more you'll see it.

Here is exhibit A (About 10 years after the portrait looked exactly like me.)

Exhibit B see bottom Right Photo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Twin

When I was about 19 I house sat for someone who had a coffee table book full of old oil paintings of Redheads.  One of the pictures just bowled me over.  I ran to the bathroom and did a double take in the mirror.

 I wrote down everything I could find in the book describing the painting. About a year later I lost the scrap of paper. I have been chanting in my head ever since I saw this painting, "Boston Museum of Art, Viola Nilson, Pink Flower".  I forgot the rest of the details.  Thanks to the internet I don't have to make a trip to Boston. After years of occasionally running internet searches I have finally found the portrait on line.

She looks Just like me... I think maybe at least she used to.  She has green eyes. Now I am "withered" with time. Certainly not a young woman anymore. When I was house sitting that Summer I found my twin in Viola Nilson.

See for yourself, The Pink Flower (Viola Nilson) by Laura Combs Hills