Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CDC Changes

So here is a compelling question.
If the CDC continues to find that they are losing the confidence of the American public by sticking to their agressive vaccine schedules could they create options.

We understand the importance of breastfeeding to the development of the immune system of babies and children. Babies not breast fed face greater vulnerablity to an array of diseases from ear infection to Lukemia.

Though advertizements would have us believe otherwise there is no substitute for colostrum or breast milk when it comes to developing and supporting immune function. Not only does the initial colostrum fire up the immune system but the continued breast feeding relationship is a living laboratory in which the mothers body, encountering all the germs and stresses that her baby does, continues to provide timely and specific immune protections.

Families across the country are experiencing severe adverse reactions to vaccines administered on the CDC schedule. Aside from the discussion of vaccine preservatives is the genuine concern amongst parent over the onslot of disease the newborn will have injected into their immature body and immune system. Those who intend to delay vaccinations often find themselves not vaccinating.

Knowing all this it could be medically wise to supply a more relaxed and patient vaccination schedule for breast feeding families. If the CDC could create a schedule for the exclusively breast fed baby I believe they would find a double bonus. More families would return to vaccinating their children instead of being terrified by agressive schedules. I believe also that the message would be clear to those who wish to forgo vaccinations. Breastfeeding can protect and save babies.