Monday, December 11, 2006


I find the coolest little saying about opinions is "Opinions are other peoples problems". To assert this to my own situations and life is a whole other challenge. Certainly when someone forms an opinion about my choices the opinion is based on their own limited life experience. They could never truely understand my experiences and hence my choices.

Remembering this on a day to day basis is a whole other challenge. Why I am susceptible to opinions is surely a long story full of childhood drama. I think we all have experienced that on some level. What fascinates me is that at 31 I am still vulneralble to what "they" are thinking.

I find that if I dwell on presumed criticisms long enough I am completely paralized. I am unable to make decisions, unable to change, evolve, or move forward. That is the saddest thing of all. How could I possibly live a satisfied life, full of learning from mistakes and victories that are uniquely my own, if I don't ignore the groups chatter?

So today's challenge, as it is every day, is to be brave and steady myself against the 'punishment' of other people tounges, and satisfy my own growth curve.

Now off I go to satisfy a crying baby.