Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fox News

My response to a huge debate opened up by a friend voicing his frustration with the lack of quality news from FOX NEWS.  I know my opinion will hurt a few feelings. I'm just sharing my observations and opinions.

This education issue is big to me, Here in SC, a lot A LOT of people teach creation. If you are brainwashed by your church and family to disregard the huge body of knowledge that is science you will be forever ignorant to so many things. I see it all around me here. But If I posted this I wouldn't be just offending "friends" I have family that think this way. It drives me crazy. Evolution in education is key... because otherwise we are teaching that ignoring our body of knowledge, what ever it may be, is ok. As adults these same brainwashed kids will ignore climate change and poverty and elitism ... and they will grow up thinking that narrow opinion is fact... because someone in authority said so... ie a news media outlet like FOX. I rest my case. Cause and effect.


I totally understand peoples anger over the closings of parks and landmarks. But look at it this way, the country is being reminded that the wild areas and monuments wouldn't be here for you to enjoy if there was no Park Service, no Department of Forestry. What if we hadn't preserved all this land in the first place. Just try to remember that when someone starts soap boxing about money wasted of National Parks budgets. These places are managed by a lot of under appreciated individuals, Federal employees at the bottom of the federal pay scale. They are furloughed too.

(first written on my facebook feed October 6th)