Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Stop Proposed bill H3478

My letter to SC representative

 David J. Mack, III

"Option 3, Non-mandatory testing is allowing myself and so many other who are dedicated to bright engaged citizen creation to provide a rich and thorough classical education to our children, our and your most valuable resources.

We need our freedoms to provide society a rich diversity of educated peoples to help stabilize our future world.  Teaching to the test will only create a huge time suck and a barrier to the reality - life is not a test, it require inventive innovative, creative, outside the box thinking.

Where is that thinking future going to come from?"

Maybe it sounds arrogant?  Maybe it has run on sentences... I don't know if I would change a word of it. I just spent the last 4 days battling Norovirus in all it's 20-min-between-spells glory and Rushing a child to the ED for a head injury/fall.

Rumor has it the bill has already failed in committee, but I wanted my 2 cents out there.  I want to participate and be a voice.  Maybe our democracy is terribly flawed, even broken... but in our times of internet access at the ready isn't is beautiful that I can Hear about an issue, Find my representative and Write a passionate letter and Participate all in 15 minutes.

Maybe I'm farting in the wind, but somebody is bound to smell it.  I love the smell of democracy at 11 in the evening.