Thursday, December 12, 2013

CNN Riding the Fool Train

When A women is photographed breastfeeding, and if she is famous and cool with that, if she isn't famous and posted it herself, and she is cool with that... it is not a debate. It is a statement. A pretty clear statement. Not a debate. There is no need to debate anything. It is one persons statement, end of discussion. Why do all these "mom" moments and the "debate" that ensues continually picked up by CNN. Women breastfeed all the freaking time without taking a picture... No debate there either... just living.

It isn'talways photographed, but it happens everyday all the time.  If a mom can breastfeed while she works, more power to the rest of us. When women let themselves be put out there is these ways they unfortunately expect all the media overreaction.  But where is the shaming a judgement when hollywood spends decated comidically depicting birth as out of control, emergent and heavily assisted... 

Oh that's right women should be seen (the way other people want us to be seen) and not heard (at least not by our own choosing) except through publicly approved filters.  So who is this "public" of filters?  Who drank the Kool-Aid?  Land of the Free?  Really?

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