Friday, November 02, 2007

Ucky Trans Fats

While shopping with my husband I have been puzzling over new food labels all over the store shelves these days. We've all heard about the dangers of trans fats. So it would seem great that foods we loved are now free off it. Hold on to you hats but this "zero" thing in a lie.

Partially Hydrogenated soybean/cotton seed/vegetable oils will still be listed in the ingredients and these things are trans fats. Thanks to the FDA, as of January 1 of 2007 food manufacturers can declare a food trans fat free as long as the serving sizes have less than 0.5 grams of Trans fats (or partially hydrogenated *insert oil here*).

Feeling down? Wanna binge? The tricky label isn't meant to protect you from bad snack food, it is intended to protect the manufacture of the "food". Though I can't prove it I wonder just how many cracker adn cookie makers changed the number of treats in a serving just to get that little number under 0.5 grams. How hard to you think it was on their conscious to say maybe make a serving two cookies instead of three just so they could tell you it was "Tran Fat Free" and sell you the box of tainted treats?

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